Philip Sobeck

Chicken Shack
Franchise Owner
Welcome to the official website for Philip Sobeck. Philip Sobeck is a franchise owner, real estate investor, and hobby enthusiast from Royal Oak, Michigan.

Philip Sobeck is the grandson of the founder of Chicken Shack

Education and Career

Philip Sobeck attended Kalamazoo College and earned a Computer Science degree. He sought out opportunities in the computer science industry, but ultimately ended up working for the family business.

Philip’s grandfather, John Sobeck, co-founded Chicken Shack, a restaurant chain throughout Michigan known for its chicken and ribs, in 1956. Throughout high school and college, Philip Sobeck worked for the chain, but after graduation he took a more active role as a store manager at the Chicken Shack location in Royal Oak, Michigan. He later purchased a portion of that store. Philip went on to purchase additional locations and even built and opened additional locations. He continues to open new locations and sits on the Board of Directors of the franchisor of the Chicken Shack chain, Sobeck Enterprises.

Philip has also invested in real estate and acted as a landlord for several properties. He later sold the properties to fund his venture expanding the Chicken Shack chain.


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Philip Sobeck of Royal Oak, Michigan, is the owner of several Chicken Shack franchises, is a real estate investor, and philanthropist.