About Philip Sobeck

Philip Sobeck
John Sobeck, Founder - Chicken Shack 1957
First Chicken Shack on 11 Mile in Royal Oak Michigan 1956

Philip Sobeck was born into a legacy, as the grandson of the founder of Chicken Shack, an American restaurant chain that boasts that it serves “Michigan’s best chicken and ribs”.

Chicken Shack

John and Lola, Philip Sobeck’s grandparents, opened their first Chicken Shack restaurant in 1946. Chicken Shack is a restaurant chain throughout Michigan that is known primarily for its chicken and ribs. Over time, John Sobeck created many secret recipes, marinades, and sauces that have become the backbone of Chicken Shack.

Philip Sobeck, although born into a family legacy, attended Kalamazoo College with a Bachelors in Computer Science. At the time, he was not sure where his career path would lead. He originally pursued a career in computer science, but ultimately decided that Chicken Shack would offer the best opportunities for advancement.

Philip began working as a store manager at the Chicken Shack on Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak, Michigan. After two years, Philip decided to take a bigger role in the company. He purchased a portion of the location he worked at and in turn became a co-owner. He went on to purchase locations in Michigan, including St. Clair Shores as well as Grosse Point. Additionally, he opened new locations in Livonia, Michigan, and Riverview, Michigan with his business partner. He also built another location in Brownstown, Michigan.

In the future, Philip Sobeck hopes to expand his operations by opening new locations every three years.

Real Estate

Philip Sobeck has experience in the real estate industry as an investor, landlord, and also “house flipper.” When Philip was just 18, he asked his parents to co-sign a loan so that he could purchase a house to rent out. Throughout his college education as well as a few years afterwards, he rented out a four-bedroom house and turned a profit as a landlord.

During the recession of 2008, Philip purchased a total of 26 houses that were being sold at lower prices due to the economic conditions. He took a very active role, seeking out profitable opportunities during a difficult time. He rented out the properties until the real estate market stabilized. He used all the profits earned during his real estate ventures to expand his stake and build additional locations for Chicken Shack.

Philip Sobeck: Hobbies and beliefs

Philip Sobeck has many hobbies, some of which include golfing, scuba diving, cycling, and also running.
In high school, Philip was a track and cross-country runner. He set the school record for the 5k cross country race and finished in the top 5 in the state of Michigan three years in a row. During his senior year of high school, Philip set his personal best time and also the school record at the AAU meet. He was also an all-state runner in track in the 800m, 1600m, and 4x800m relays.

His talents as a runner continued after high school. Philip Sobeck’s bucket list included running a marathon. After completing the 2008 Detroit Marathon with a finishing time of 3:05, he qualified for the Boston Marathon. He ran the Boston Marathon in 2009, which also became a highlight in Philip’s life. His finishing time was 3:06.

Philip Sobeck is also an active cycler and tries to cycle at least three to four times per week when weather permits. Tragedy struck Philip and his family when his daughter Emily was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. The Make a Wish foundation was involved in Emily’s case and made her wish to be a celebrity come true. She was a guest on television interviews, radio stations, and even performed a song while singing and playing guitar at the Make a Wish Ball in Detroit. Philip saw how much joy and happiness Make a Wish was able to give his daughter, so he wanted to do his part to help the organization continue to grant wishes for children in situations like Emily’s. Philip completed the Make a Wish 300-mile bike ride three times. While Emily is healthy now, Philip continues to advocate for the organization and its value for children with life threatening illnesses.

Philip Sobeck plans to continue building and opening new Chicken Shack locations and also continues to seek potential real estate investment opportunities. He also hopes to someday obtain his pilot’s license