Chicken Shack Franchise Owner

Philip Sobeck - inspirey

Philip Sobeck is the grandson of the founder of Chicken Shack, John Sobeck, and the son of Mark and Mary Sobeck. He attended St. Dennis elementary school in Royal Oak, Michigan and De La Salle high school in Warren, Michigan. He has a Computer Science degree from Kalamazoo College. After graduation from Kalamazoo College, Philip […]

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Becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver


Scuba diving is an adventurous mode of underwater diving, allowing individuals to explore some of the world’s most exotic ecosystems. However, before embarking on an open water journey, individuals are required to complete a comprehensive course to obtain the necessary certification. PADI or the Professional Association of Diving Instructors is a globally recognized recreational training […]

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Becoming a Successful Franchise Owner


While the immediate brand recognition of operating a franchise can get customers in the door, franchise owners need to be sure that they are operating their businesses properly to ensure their success. Merely opening a string of franchises does not guarantee that you will make money. Philip Sobeck, an experienced franchise owner, details the ways […]

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How to Identify Profitable Real Estate

Retail Income Property

It may seem difficult to find a profitable real estate investment. There are often few statistics available on individual properties, and it may be difficult to decide which business opportunities are best. Philip Sobeck, a real estate professional, details the ways in which investors can ensure their success in the real estate market in Albany […]

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Interview: Philip Sobeck

Interview - Philip Sobeck

Philip Sobeck was born into a legacy, as the grandson of the founder of Chicken Shack, an American restaurant chain that boasts that it serves “Michigan’s best chicken and ribs”. Although Mr. Sobeck was born into the family business, he did not know for sure that he would end up working for the family until […]

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