As a franchise owner, real estate investor, philanthropist, and hobby enthusiast, Philip Sobeck can lend his experience and interests to a variety of different media.

Philip Sobeck: Publications

Philip Sobeck has been featured in several different publications. He shared his experience as a business owner and hobby enthusiast with others through professional interviews. These interviews highlight his experience with Chicken Shack, his investments in the real estate industry, his successes with track and field and marathon running, as well as habits that make him productive as an entrepreneur.

With his experience as both a franchise owner and real estate investor, Philip Sobeck has also been able to share his thoughts on these topics. He provides tips to become a successful franchise owner as well as sharing how to identify profitable real estate.

Interview - Philip Sobeck

Interview: Philip Sobeck

Philip Sobeck was born into a legacy, as the grandson of the founder of Chicken Shack, an American restaurant chain that boasts that it serves

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